Poppy Finch

How To Wear: Pearl Drop Ear Jackets

One of the most important features to consider when purchasing a piece of fine jewelry is its versatility.  Invest in jewelry that can transcend trends and time, but still allow you to put your own personal spin on it.  

One of the jewels that we love is our Pearl Drop Ear Jackets.  This is a great example that a piece of jewelry can be creative, versatile and timeless.  In the past, we always suggest pairing them with a pair of classic pearl studs in either white or black pearls. Interestingly, one of our customers recently showed us an unexpected but absolutely stunning combination with our Triple Pearl Earrings.  We fell head-over-heels with the this combo, and had to share with all of you.

You can wear the Triple Pearl Earrings vertically to line up with the ear jackets or tilt the earrings.  

Other options are to pair the Pearl Drop Ear Jacket with a pair of Classic Pearl Studs or Gold Ball Studs.  We just love the various combinations - classic with a modern update. 


If you have other ways of pairing our Pearl Drop Ear Jackets, please share with us! 


Poppy Finch