Poppy Finch

Stack Up

Jewelry layering has become a way of creating different looks and expressing your own style.  The key to ring stacking is to look clean and cohesive, but not too matchy-matchy. Play with proportions and details to create balance and focal points.  

A few (no) rules:
1. Mix metals fearlessly - white, rose and yellow.
2. You don't need a ring on every finger.  
3. Two hands can be completely different.
4. Change it up.  Don't be afraid to move the rings around and try different variations.
5. Sometimes one is enough.

Before we start stacking, here are some of the different styles of rings for you to build a great ring portfolio.

Plain Skinny Gold Rings - the most basic; great for spacing

Skinny Rings with Stone - sweet on their own; great for adding a touch of sparkle and details.

Wider Bands - modern and sleek; great for building volume and mixing proportions 

Rings with Textures and Details - small details speak big volume; great for adding a surprise element 

With these rings, there are many possible combinations.  Here are some of our favourite stacking ideas: 

Skinny All Across:
One skinny ring on each finger for a delicate and clean look.

Play with Proportions
Mixing skinny with wider rings is a great way to create a bold statement stack for those of you who prefer to go bigger.

Symmetrical Trio
Three is a party. Pair two of the same with a third creates a cohesive symmetry.  You can wear these trios horizontally (see Skinny All Across above) or vertically (below). 

More is More.
Because they are delicate, piling on more rings will never be overpowering.  It can transform a stack of skinny rings into a bold piece.  
Our 7-Ring Stack: 3 Baby Diamond Skinny Rings, 2 Skinny Gold Rings, 1 Skinny Pyramid Ring, and 1 Skinny Bubble Ring

Ring stacking is versatile, modern, and a very personal way to wear fine jewelry.  With real gold and genuine gemstones, there is a timeless quality to these rings.  But you don't have to wear them the same way everyday, or look the same as other people.  Hey, don't let us tell you how to wear them.  Show us your favourite ring stacks!


Poppy Finch