Poppy Finch

Holiday Gift Guide

Give someone you love a gift that she will love and wear for years to come. And maybe a little something for yourself too.  We have picked out some great gift ideas for all the types of fabulous women in our lives.  


Your Poppy Finch


The Fashionista

 She is the fashion star...always impeccably dressed.  


The Minimalist

 She believes in less is more, and always looks simply chic.  

The One Who Has Everything

The lucky one who seems to have everything.  What else can you possibly give her to blow her away?! 

The Athlete 

 She runs marathons, ski the alps, hike the Machu Picchu...she is strong and always pushing the limit.

The Romantic

The sweet and hopeless romantic. Always ends her text with an "xo".  

The Classicist

 The classy elegant one who prefers refined and timeless investment pieces.

Best Under $150