Poppy Finch

Who is Poppy Finch?

Have you ever stood at a street corner, out of no where, you see this flawless woman walking down the street with an effortlessly chic style?


No fuss, just simply perfect.  She woke up this morning, took a quick shower, dabbed on her favourite perfume, pull out an impeccable outfit from her immaculately organized closet, grabbed her watch from her night stand...and she is now out to conquer the world.  I made up this whole story about her in my head in the 10 seconds of walking towards her.  Just when we passed each other, I noticed her even more refined details...a touch of sparkles on her ears, a mix of gold bracelets on her wrist, delicate jewels adorning her fingers...all so perfectly put together.  Instantly, I am even more intrigued about this woman.  Who is she?   I named her...Poppy Finch.

So this is where it begins...  


Love from your Poppy Finch.